The Latest Volume of the Northwestern Public Health Review is Here!

art by Elise Walker

The second edition of the Northwestern Public Health Review is here! Below, find an overview of this edition’s articles.

Letter from the Editors

Celeste Mallama and Osefame Ewaleifoh

We are delighted to welcome you to the second edition of the Northwestern Public Health Review (NPHR). We have come a long way since our first issue, and it has been an exciting journey. Among other things, we have started a highly active public health blog (, hosted the first ‘Public Health Matters’ reception, and started a growing public health bookshelf that highlights new and innovative public health works ( Perhaps most significantly, we have grown from two student editors to a diverse and dynamic editorial board consisting of 18 students and faculty members, drawn from various programs across the university. Working together, we pledge to continuously bring you the most insightful and engaging public health stories and perspectives. Read on

Inside the Journal:

Prisons As Insane Asylums
by Arvin Akhavan

This article explores the growing need for jails to operate as mental health facilities.

Social Networks and Text Messaging in Public Health
by Ekkehard Beck and Benjamin Armbruster

At the frontier of prevention interventions,  a study of social network analysis to visualize and model existing real-world networks.

Northwestern’s Project Rishi: Health Interventions in Charnia
by Srivarshini Cherukpalli

A founding member of Northwestern’s RISHI chapter, currently a senior undergraduate, describes the work she and her colleagues have done in India.

Milestones in Public Health: Public Safety Trends
by Osefame Ewaleifoh

Advances and critical turning points that exemplify the consequence of highly impactful multi-disciplinary approaches to public health.

New Rationale for Treatment as Prevention
by Adina Goldberger

Cost-effective HIV management strategies from the HIV Prevention Trials Network (HPTN). Our blog post contributes to this piece.

The Affordable Care Act and Public Health
by Neil Jordan, PhD, and Philethea Duckett, MPA

We highlight some of the features of the ACA that directly or indirectly target public health.

Sleep as a Pubic Health Issue
by Nelly Papalambros

Sleep and circadian rhythms are often overlooked, and it is time for their debut as a public health issue. Our blog post contributes to this piece.

The Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission
by John Phair

Dr. John Phair reflects on his time at the ABCC.

Keep Your Eyes on the Road Ahead
by Sarah Jane Quillin

Avenues to curb texting & driving in the US. Our blog post contributes to this piece.

Responsible Conduct of Research Involving Human Subjects
by Lewis M. Smith

Historical lessons and public health implications.

Alumni Spotlight: Discovering What It Means to Work in “Public Health”
by Kristen Unti

An Interview with Dr. Karen Sheehan, MD, MPH.

About This Issue’s Cover Art
by Kate Lamy

Reflections on this month’s cover design from the artist.

If you would like to check out the NPHR volume one, you can find it here.


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The is the blog of the Northwestern Public Health Review journal. The blog and journal are both student run and contain research articles, opinions, interviews and other content pertaining to public health.

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