Public Health in the News – August 10, 2014



  • Twenty-nine state attorneys general on Friday urged the Food and Drug Administration to strengthen its proposed regulations on electronic cigarettes, a business that has exploded into a $2.5 billion industry with virtually no regulatory oversight.
  • Researchers trying to conduct research to determine the effectiveness of medical marijuana on treating various ailments find it extremely difficult to conduct research due to federal restrictions.


  • New requirements for school vaccinations have been introduced by the Illinois Department of Public Health, due in part to the recent mumps outbreak in the state.
  • Illinois will receive $1.3 million as part of a $35 million settlement with a Pfizer Inc. over the illegal marketing of Rapamune, an organ-transplant drug to Illinois doctors.


  • Women in the United States who have cesarean sections are less likely to continue childbearing than those who deliver vaginally, according to a new Northwestern Medicine study. Notably, this relationship weakens for women living below the poverty line.

Cover Photo by TookAPic via Pexels: Creative Commons

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