NU Students Interested in Global Health! This Class is for you!


Interested in global health? Want to get real experience assessing major health issues in three countries? Read on!

A note from the editors:  We can tell you first hand that this class was one of the best of our public health educational experiences. Not only did we gain experience working with colleagues from diverse disciplines, but we were able to gain real world experience working in global health in Douentza, Mali (as seen above), a project which continues to benefit the people of Douentza to this day. The professor is fantastic – one of the best at the university. Sign up today!

Health and Human Rights—PH 393
Professor Juliet S. Sorensen

The course examines the intersection of health and international human rights.  Readings and discussion will focus on whether there is a universal right to health; how to maximize access to health; the health implications of war crimes and atrocities; and the meaning of rights and access in resource-poor settings such as refugee camps and fragile states.  Special attention will be paid to the role of corporate social responsibility and advanced economies in access to health.

Students will work in interdisciplinary groups on a health assessment and intervention known as the Access to Health Project.  Headed by Professor Sorensen of the Center for International Human Rights and faculty at the Center for Global Health at Feinberg Medical School, the Access to Health Project seeks to leverage academic partnerships to maximize access to health in communities in the developing world.  Specifically, this class will participate in needs assessments and monitoring and evaluating projects in Douentza, Mali; Guaymate, the Dominican Republic; and Khartoum, Sudan. In each of these places, public health issues in the area include infectious diseases, noncommunicable illnesses, and other issues related to health and sanitation.

The needs assessment will reflect human rights, public health and sustainability considerations. In lieu of an exam, student teams will prepare a final written report detailing their findings and recommendations.

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