New Issue of the Northwestern Public Health Review!


We are excited to share the newest issue of the NPHR with you. Our latest issue highlights a wide range of public health topics from the impact of landmines in Colombia to the role of energy in promoting public health access. Art illustrations from the UIC biomedical visualization program accompany and enrich each story.

In “Can Public Health be improved with Energy Access?” Dr. Halley Aelion (U.S Department of Energy) and Dr. Amul Tevar (Ohio State) review both personal experiences and scientific data on the role of energy access in promoting health access locally and around the world.

In “Water, Typhoid Rates, and the Columbian Exposition in Chicago” Dr. Browyn Rae carefully reviews early scientific and public health efforts to manage the typhoid outbreak in Chicago at the cusp of the famous Columbian exposition in Chicago.

“A Call for Help from the Landmine Victims in Colombia” explores the history of the Colombian Civil War and its public health impacts. Juan Pablo Calderon Meza dissects the impact of landmines on the morbidity and mortality of Colombians.

Shruti Zaveri explores the causes and impact of cancer in Asian American communities. According to Shruti, “In many ways, the cancer burden is unequally distributed in various populations within the US. While Asian Americans have the lowest cancer incidence when compared to other ethnic groups in the US, cancer is still the leading cause of death among Asian Americans. Much of the Asian American cancer burden is unnecessary and caused by several avoidable factors including lack of cancer education, barriers to both healthcare and cancer screening, and ultimately a culturally ineffective effort to solve the issue”.

Additional articles in the current issue of the NPHR include a book review of “The Book of Woe: The DSM and the Unmaking of Psychiatry”, Healthcare Access for Lesbian and Bisexual Women in Cape Town, South Africa, as well as an interview with both the first MD/MPH student, Dr. Kathryn Andolsek, and the founder of NU’s MPH program, Dr. Jeremiah Stamler.

We invite you to share your impressions, questions and suggestions with us as you go through this issue. PDF versions of the newest issue can be downloaded at

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