Public Health in the News- August 7th, 2016


  • A global public health crisis- the end of mercury pollution?? The Australian based laboratory of chemistry professor, Justin M. Chalker, may have a solution. His lab has discovered a novel rubber material- get this… made entirely from waste byproducts-that can filter mercury from polluted air and water supplies.
  • National wealth may not be an indicator of national health. New analyses highlight weaknesses in countries that would otherwise indicate an adequate “wealth-to-well-being coefficient.”



  • To date there are now 3 confirmed pregnant women of the 46 Zika cases reported in Illinois this year.
  • Even though we may not want to admit it, Chicago summer is nearing an end. Likewise, as are days spent at your local pool; however, public safety in community pools may need to be brought into question. Inspection reports from Chicago Health Department reveal that half (yes, half!) of the Chicago Park District pools have not been inspected yet this year.


  • In the past two weeks, two major hospital ratings were released for Northwestern Memorial Hospital…. and the conclusions are not in agreement. The question is- how much should the ranking status of a hospital influence a patients selection when choosing a hospital?
  • Northwestern University marketing professor weighs in on new GMO labeling law for small businesses- how much is too much?
Caitlin Pegg, PhD Student at Northwestern University 
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