Tackling a Modern Epidemic: Opioids

By Margaret Rose Walker (Medical Student, Feinberg School of Medicine)

This August the US Surgeon General sent out an appeal to over 2 million health workers across the country. He urged the field to “turn the tide” on opioid addiction, and a national campaign to improve opioid pain-management prescribing practices and properly treat opioid addiction was born. For more information, the campaign website, Turn the Tide Rx, can be accessed here.

However, the US Surgeon General and medical professionals are not the only ones concerned about inappropriate opioid use. Lawmakers, lawyers, economists, and citizens among others are implicated. Northwestern recognizes this growing problem both across the country and at home in Chicago and is hosting an interdisciplinary opioid symposium. The goal will be to address the issue from many perspectives and to bring together change makers to tackle this concerning trend.

Visit the symposium website to access more information about the event and the speakers’ backgrounds. Also, be on the look out for follow-up posts about some of the presentations.

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