Public Health in Pictures – 2017

We recently hosted an event that featured powerful speakers and inspiring art as part of our annual Public health matters  series.  This year’s event focused on “Public health  in pictures – through the eyes of refugee migration”.

Featured speakers included Dr. Samer Attar of Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine who spoke about his work in Aleppo, Syria, and Professor. Juliet Sorensen of  Northwestern Pritzker School of Law who talked about her work with refugees in Lebanon. Our final speaker, Dr. John Daugherty of the University of Illinois, commented on the amazing work of medial illustration students at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Northwestern Students  and students  from the UIC BVIS program collaborated to provide Art illustrations for both this symposium and our print issue.

We have reproduced the art gallery from the event here!

Health During Crisis


A New Beginning. Artist: Ashley Ulm, UIC – BVIS


Health in a Time of War. Contrasting the horrors of war with efforts to establish civility through justice. Inspired by the Rwandan Genocide of 1994. Artist:  Robert Shonk, UIC – BVIS


Metamorphosis. A displaced family in search of a new beginning. Artist: Ni-Ka Ford, UIC – BVIS


Public Health Crisis in Greece 1.  Mr. Tsiotos in his pharmacy in the Northern Peloponnesian city of Patras, Greece. Artist: Nelly Papalambros.


Public Health Crisis in Greece 2. Dr. Papalambrou sees children in his clinic in Patras, Greece. Artist: Nelly Papalambros.


Public Health Crisis in Greece 3. Dr. Papalambrou sees children in his clinic in Patras, Greece. Artist: Nelly Papalambros.


Justice, War, and Peace in Rwanda. Artist: Christine Cote, UIC – BVIS


Reflective.  A Syrian man, Ahmed, and his infant son, Ammar. “The situation here is very bad, and we all hope that it improves but when things change, they change for worse. I just hope that he and his siblings have a better future.” Artist: Omar Jooma


Hopeful. A Syrian boy, Tarek, on his way to school. Asked about what he wanted to study to be: “A doctor, so that I can help people who live here.” Artist: Omar Jooma

School Children

School Children. Syrian children on their way to a nearby public school, happy to have their photograph taken. Refugee settlement in Bar Elias, Lebanon. Artist: Omar Jooma


Cloaked. A flood of refugees seek safety in a health care tent. Artist: Christina Lorenzo, UIC – BVIS


A Helping Hand. Artist: Esther Ng, UIC – BVIS


Mending. Healing a war-torn continent. Artist: Wai-Man Chan, UIC – BVIS

Health By Design


Healthy by Design.  Artist: Ellen Weiss, UIC – BVIS


The Intersection of Healthcare and Cultural Identity. Artist: Yu-hui Huang


Design Speak. Artist: Molly Huttner, UIC – BVIS

Community Outreach


Access to Health. NU’s Access to Health team meets with women in Douentza, Mali. Artist: Katherine Yonover


The Women of Douentza. NU’s Access to Health team meets with women in Douentza, Mali. Artist: Katherine Yonover

Wen_Bernard_ChinaCal Data Collection

Elementary Children in Rural China. Artist: Wen Bernard


Tuareg. Infant receiving malaria treatment;  This father  with his sick son  travelled several hundred miles to visit the Douentza clinic in Mali to receive care.

Artist: Osefame Ewaleifoh

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