Public Health in the News (8/5/18 – 8/11/18)

By Grace Bellinger, NPHR Blog Editor


  • New study suggests that people who experience dizziness on standing are at an increased risk for dementia and stroke.


  • A federal appeals court has ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to ban chlorpyrifos, a pesticide that has been shown to cause brain development issues in children.
  • The CDC reported that the number of women in the United States that gave birth while addicted to opioids quadrupled over the last 15 years.


  • Large national study led by a Northwestern Medicine investigator shows that induced labor reduces the need for cesarean birth.
  • Northwestern researchers studying non-human primate gut microbiomes find that evolutionary relationships are much more important than diet in shaping the gut microbiome.
  • Northwestern professor co-authored a study demonstrating that pediatric patients with sepsis who completed a series of treatments within an hour of recognition had better outcomes than those treated over a longer time frame.
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