The Northwestern Public Health Review was founded in 2013 by Osefame Ewaleifoh and Celeste Mallama, two public health students at Northwestern University.  The mission of the NPHR is to stimulate the exchange and cross-pollination of public health ideas, resources and opportunities across the Northwestern community and beyond.

The NPHR blog serves as our platform for discussing the latest happenings and trends in the world of Public Health.  We welcome insights and constructive comments from all of our readers.

Meet the blog editors:

Osefame Ewaleifoh is a Ph.D./MPH student studying HSV neuroinvasion in Greg Smith’s lab. His public health interest focus primarily on disparities in mental health access. His favorite past time: Chess and listening to Monk on record.

headshot_walker_120x180Margaret Walker is a dual MD/MPH student at Northwestern University and is interested in interpreting complex medical information for the general public. She obtained her BS in computer science and molecular biology from MIT and developed an interest in blogging. Beyond science, she enjoys reading (anything and everything), exploring Chicago, and biking along Lake Michigan.

Grace Bellinger Headshot CroppedGrace Bellinger is a PhD student in the Northwestern University Interdepartmental Neuroscience (NUIN) graduate program. She obtained her B.S. in kinesiology from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and also has a Master’s in motor control and behavior from UW-Madison. She enjoys singing, engaging the community, and playing trivia.

Jackie_HeadshotJackie Patterson is a Neuroscience PhD student investigating movement rehabilitation in stroke patients with a keen passion for translational research, conveying insights from the lab to the clinic. She earned her B.S. in Biology from Penn State University and is a professional at eating snacks.

copy-of-dsc_3611-e1504241423764Makda Zewde is an M.S. student in the Biostatistics program at Northwestern University. For the past two years, she has been working as a technician in the Nakamura Lab at the University of Chicago, where she became interested in personalized medicine and the role of big data analytics in improving public health. Outside the lab, she enjoys museums, watching live music and discovering new coffee shops around the city.

Blog Alumni

Mo McNulty is a third year PhD student in the Driskill Graduate Program at Northwestern University, where she works in John Crispino’s lab studying the genetic underpinnings of leukemia. She received her B.S. in Molecular Genetics from The Ohio State University. Mo loves writing and reading about anything science-related, wouldn’t be caught dead not watching Buckeye football on game days, and plays trombone in the psychedelic street band Environmental Encroachment.

Caitlin Pegg currently pursues her PhD in the Driskill Graduate Program as an NSF Graduate Research Fellow. In the laboratory of Prof. Gregory A. Smith, she studies neuroinvasive properties of herpesviruses relating to efficient viral propagation and host dissemination. Caitlin graduated from the University of Tulsa with a B.S. in biology. There she carried out research that contributed to the identification of phylogenetic similarities in diverse algal species and was the co-inventor of a nanofibrous material useful in wound healing. Outside the lab, Caitlin has many passions including antiquing, power walking, meme-ing, napping, French bulldogs, and loving life.

Kate Klein is an MPH student interested in infectious disease prevention and international public health.  She also has a Master’s in Anthropology and is the Assistant Director of Northwestern’s Program of African Studies. She spent this past summer researching prevention of mother to child HIV transmission in Ethiopia. She loves urban hiking in Chicago, Wes Anderson movies, and Trivial Pursuit.

Derek Tam is a student in the MD/MPH program at Northwestern.  His academic interests include mental health, neuroscience, and psychology.  His “non-boring” interests include drumming, photography, and tennis.  He is probably a bit too interested in coffee and believes perfection in life can only be attained when arriving at a movie theater just as the previews are ending.

Please note:  The opinions and views in this blog solely represent those of the authors and do not represent the opinions of any associated institutions.

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