Public Health in the News


  • With the winter Olympics around the corner, a Huffington Post article considers the public health risks associated with such large gatherings.
  • Bill Gates and Lawrence Summers present Global Health 2035, their new initiative to reduce childhood (under 5) deaths, reduce deaths due to AIDS, and reduce tuberculosis deaths over the next 21 years.

United States

  • An analysis recently released by the FDA links antibiotics found in animal feed to the increasing number of antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections in people.
  • In honor of Pete Seeger’s recent death, the science blog The Last Word on Nothing tells a story about Pete’s efforts to use music to clean up the Hudson River.
  • We’re not out of flu season yet – Wired answers some frequently asked questions and explains why this year’s strain is a bit more dangerous than usual.
  • A Kaiser Family Foundation poll finds that most uninsured Americans are still not aware of the Affordable Care Act’s key provisions.
  • A recent study by Reuters Health finds that as obesity rates in the U.S. increase, the use of seat belts is going down leading to increases in seat belt related traffic fatalities.


  • Anticipating shortages in health care professionals as the ACA rolls out, the Working Group on Health Care Shortages presents 23 recommendations.


  • Chicago’s Department of Public Health releases January Healthy Chicago newsletter.
  • Chicago’s Divvy Bike Program is looking for suggestions for new bike stations.  Suggestions can be submitted here.
  • Chicago Department of Public Health releases a new plan to scale up encouraging adolescents to get the HPV vaccine.


  • Northwestern researchers use microparticle therapy to reduce heart damage after heart attacks.
  • Joining a FEMA recommended program, Northwestern University will create a University Community Emergency Response Team program training student and staff volunteers to educate the community on protocols in emergency situations.
  • Technology fail! A Northwestern study finds that doctors who use electronic records during a patient visit spent one-third of the time looking at the computer screen rather than at the patient.

Cover Photo by Tookapic via Pexels: Creative Commons

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